Friday, August 17, 2007

Food for Thought

Have you ever shared the feeling that buying groceries for dinner at Goodlife (or whatever your healthy local choice is) costs as much or more than eating out?

When it comes to putting food into your kids bellies, these decisions are as much emotional as they are financial. At some point, however, the $10 gallon of milk raises some questions.

A very quick survey of the milk that has come through our fridge -- Clover, Horizon, and the occasional RAW or goat milk -- showed a wide range in cost for a 6 ounce glass of milk:

Cost per 6 ounce glass of Milk
  • Rainbow's RAW milk = $0.65
  • Horizon Organic = $0.33
  • Clover Organic = $0.30
  • Clover (non organic) = $0.25
  • Dairy Glen = $0.15

So, if we assume a child drinks 3 glasses per day (include spillage) for the year, the difference between the Strauss organic and the Clover non-organic is about $200 a year. Assume you have two kids over 8 years and that's a cumulative difference of $3,276.

I'm not sure how this will change how we buy but it is an interesting perspective.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Avedano's open on Cortland

I stopped into Avedano's, the new meat market on Cortland, this evening for some prawns. I was impressed with the people and selection. The guy behind the counter offered me some delicious soup as I waited for my prawns to be de-veined.

Avedano's is owned by three woman one of whom is the chef at Sociale, one of my favorite restaurants across town. They also offer pre-cooked dinners that look compelling if not somewhat pricey.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home wind turbines in Bernal

The Bay Guardian has an article about Bernal resident Todd Pelman on Roscoe Street and his six-foot-tall cylindrical turbine. The article says a turbine can generate about 10% of a home's electricity needs.

"A one-turbine system will cost around $5,000, though Pelman estimates that rebates will reduce the price by $1,500. It's an "emotional purchase," he said, that will at least partially satisfy a green conscience."

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