Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reliable in the news

The recent SF Chronicle article drew traffic and comments to this site.

As a resident and parent in the neghborhood, I am very impressed with the Massis' involvement and commitment to the community. It is important to me to have merchants engaged and raising a family in the neighborhood.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Reliable: More than a liquor store

OK, I should not have been so quick to post on Reliable Grocery. Since posting this, I've received numerous emails from various lists arguing for and against the Reliable move.

This morning, I stopped into the store to see what all the hoopla was about.
Liquor -- Yes
Porn -- No (despite what has been written on several postings)

The woman who owned the store was the friendliest merchant I've met in Bernal. She raised her three kids in the neighborhood. She's active in the church. She's part of and cares about the neighborhood.

It's a complicated issue. We don't need another liquor store on Cortland. However, we do need good, engaged merchants who are invested in ensuring that Bernal continues to be a great place to live.

I encourage anyone interested in this issue to stop in, introduce, and shhare your concerns with the folks behind the counter.