Thursday, May 03, 2007

Financial Times calls Bernal the "City's Last Secret"

The city’s last secret

Bernal Heights is getting recognition for being a the last, true San Francisco neighborhood. Even the Brits have noted the "secret" "cult-like" feel of Bernal.

By Kevin Allison

Published: April 20 2007 18:37 | Last updated: April 20 2007 18:37

Perched on a hillside above the gritty, funky streets of San Francisco’s Mission district, Bernal Heights feels a world removed from the city below. And that’s exactly the way the locals like it.

Bernal isn’t the next neighbourhood in San Francisco; it’s the last neighbourhood in San Francisco,” says Reema Bahnasy, a public relations executive who moved there when she returned from a stint abroad in Singapore last year. “It’s almost like a secret hiding place.”

...Bernal has a quirkiness to it that appeals to some and not to others,” Droubi concludes. “But once people land there it becomes cult-like.”

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