Sunday, July 31, 2005

Street Cleaning -- Support it & Sign the Petition

Sign the petition

After attending several of the community meetings, we created a petition to request street cleaning for a few streets on the north side of Cortland. We're supporting this because we want:
...A clean, trash-free neighborhood for our kids
...A neighborhood free of abandoned cars
...A neighborhood for the neighbors; not a long-term parking lot for people from out of the area. There are lots of people who park their cars in Bernal when they go to the airport. We are not a long term parking lot!

Police Chief Fong and others have pointed to the impact that clean, well-maintained neighborhoods have on reducing crime.

Signing this petition is a step in making Bernal a cleaner, safer, more enjoyable neighborhood.

I know there are some folks who would prefer not to have street cleaning. At the end of the day, I'm more concerned with clean, safe streets that with how it's done. So, if there are alternatives I'm open to hearing about them.

Sign the petition


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, Matt, I know you know my position here, but for the benefit of everyone else, here goes. I'm definitely against street cleaning in Bernal after leaving here for the last seven years. My main concern is increased parking congestion. My home is on Eugenia, and like most parts of Bernal, we have many more residential units than garages on my block. I live across from a 4-unit building with 7 unmarried adult occupants. The building has only two garage slots for the seven resident cars.

On the issue of blight, I have found my block to be less dirty than several other SF streets I've occupied where weekly street cleaning takes place. I'm not convinced that it really helps much (and it doesn't touch sidewalks etc. etc.)

My neighbors and I do a good job of picking up and disposing of trash on our block. Similarly, we routinely call the City to report long-term parking or potential abandonment. The City responds pretty quickly with the pink fine notices, and the cars are always moved.

We're lucky to still have more available parking than most parts of the city. Let's not toss that away.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, no additional street cleaning by the city. Our neighborhood was built in another era when cars weren't so common. My neighbors and I regularly sweep our sidewalks and the street gutter and routinely pick up trash. How about instead of getting the city involved, we start a community discussion about good citizenship.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

I have lived on Ellsworth at Eugenia for but 4 blissful years. HOORAY to Bernal and for not having to get up at 7am-8am twice a week to MOVE A CAR while shivering in the drizzle and a bathrobe. Say Hi! to your neighbors -as together you wipe the freezing water from your back window with your warm dry hand in order to see. Water, that on some days is excoriating the gutter in a downhill torrent better than a LOUD streetcleaning machine ever could. Did I say LOUD? DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THESE THINGS SOUND LIKE IN THE MORNING????!!!! I did this for 14 years in Noe Valley and 5 more in the Haight. I am still wracked by abusive memories of that twice weekly army of Blitzkrieg motorcycle carts leapfrogging their way down the street with their computerized notepads. These machines of cruelty can issue a 35 dollar ticket in 4 seconds. To beg mercy from these inhumans is futile -even with your keys in hand. I kid you not. You will curse the day you signed this petition. Do not let this not happen.

The crime picture posted here shows some innocuous leaf matter in the streets. This, my friends, is not worth an inevitable handful of parking tickets each year. It looks downright pleasing. Bernal Haven -not Anal Bernal. Please don't make me go back to having to remember what day it is and having to pay all those fines and suffer the parking hells created by such madness. NO NO NO NO NO -A thousand times NO!! Do you want to take a long weekend? Don't forget to make arrangements with your neigbors to move your car for you..

12:33 AM  
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